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“I’m Stupid”

This simply worded sign caught the attention of my family while traveling home from the beach this past weekend. We had just gotten to a long stretch of highway that has proven many times to be an endless, boring ride. The sign was written on a large index card with a thick, light pink marker. The person who’d made the sign had it posted in the window next to where she was seated; the front passenger seat. Accompanying the sign were strange actions she’d chosen to display to everyone passing by; a means of demonstrating the authenticity of her sign. With a blank look on her face, she’d press her nose against the passenger window, dragging her face down a bit until her nose resembled a pig’s nose.

She was a pretty blonde girl who looked to be in her early twenties. Our first impression was that her mother, who was driving, had made her mad and this was her means of retaliation. The next impression I’d gotten was that she truly had a mental problem; thus bringing out feelings of sympathy. Finally we determined she was doing it for fun, to break the monotony of the long ride. Her silliness went on for miles. Back and forth our vehicles would go within the mixture of numerous cars, motor homes, buses, and an endless list of other vehicles, all traveling in the same direction. However, after reaching our turn off, we knew that was the end of our entertainment.

Being the silly person that I am, I started referring to our entertainer as “STUPID.” I meant no harm, it’s just that we didn’t know her name and I was only referring to her as the name she’d given herself. I’d make comments like, “Recon where STUPID’s at? I miss STUPID!” And finally, I pretended to cry and said, “STUPID needs me, she needs me to build up her confidence.” We laughed so much over one simple act this girl did to bring laughter to others; she truly freed us from boredom!

Our last pit stop was a short one before facing another long stretch of highway. Of course STUPID was brought up once we were on our way, but she was just a fleeing thought. Suddenly my husband looked in his side view mirror and yelled, “Here comes STUPID!” Excitement burst from my daughter and me as we began twisting in our seats to look at the vehicle approaching us from behind. Sure enough, STUPID had caught up with us, and yes, her sign was still posted.

Since we were nowhere near a popular visiting site, the highway was quite bare. STUPID’s mom blew past us, taking full advantage of the wide open road. It was at that time I’d come up with the idea to write a reply to STUPID’s sign. Finally we were fast approaching a traffic light that would give us the opportunity to be on STUPID’s side of the car. When we’d finally come to a stop, a guy in a black truck was parked beside STUPID and her crew. He’d got them to roll down their window (STUPID and her sister who was sitting behind her) and was chatting away. He was eating up our time at the traffic light, and our time to connect with STUPID. ARGGG, this man needed to move up so we could show STUPID my sign! Finally, just as the light had changed and the traffic began to move, my husband sped up until we were side-by-side with STUPID. My daughter held the sign up in my husbands’ side window, “AT LEAST YOU SPELLED STUPID RIGHT!” is what was displayed. At that point Silly Ole STUPID rolled her window down revealing her and her mom rolling in laughter. Obviously they hadn’t got, nor were they expecting, a written reply of any kind; much less one pointing out a positive from her silly negative persona.

What I took away from STUPID’s silliness is, though she didn’t care what first impression she’d left with others, she was willing to do so to break the tedious ride home for those around her.

So STUPID, if by chance you’re reading this, my family and I want to thank you for bringing a smile to the faces of everyone traveling Hwy 501 in S.C. and 601 in N.C.

Best Wishes to You Girl  🙂


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Life’s Changes… Just Keep Moving Forward

It’s been a while since my last post, and boy have I missed the simple concept of writing!

Pfff, I laugh at the word simple.  It’s italicized because simple isn’t simple anymore.  As of January 2013, when everything was in full swing, life dealt me a difficult hand to play.  I’d been attending college, after starting later in life, and was working toward three associates degrees.  That was going to be my “steady” source of income.  However, for a fun means of making money I took a semester of auctioneering class so I could have my own business on the side.  My “Type A” personality was being fed like hungry sharks during a feeding frenzy.

(Insert squalling break sounds here)

Out of the blue my body begins shaking uncontrollably.  My head moves from side to side as if I were constantly telling someone “No.”  The rest of my body shakes in a similar fashion, making me look like an elderly lady suffering from Parkinson’s disease.  To keep from stumbling or falling while walking, I befriend every internal wall within my house.  Fatigue has become one of my constant battles, unfortunately, most of the time it wins.  And my memory?  Everything I’ve encountered within the last minute, hour, day, or week has a tendency to slip my mind.  However, and unfortunately, I’ve lost most everything I’d learned in college pertaining to my degrees.  Let’s not forget my cognitive issues, the main cause of my poor writing abilities.  It’s as if I’ve developed ADD or ADHD overnight.  Sitting still to read or write causes a lot of agitation.  My brain is like a washing machine going back and forth.  Going in one direction agitates me so I change course and go in the other direction, only to be agitated again.  My cognitive difficulties have me looking and sounding like a total idiot while talking to others, including my own child.  I either can’t think of the word I want to say, or I get tongue-tied, but it doesn’t stop there.  I’ve become “typographically dyslexic.”  I know how to spell simple words, yet my brain and fingers don’t communicate properly.  Ex: while typing the word “yet” I first typed “et.”

Moving along now.  I’m taken to the E.R. and worked up for either a “stroke or M.S.”

“Huh?  What did the doctor just say? Not me!”

After a three day hospital stay, where I’m given a head CT and MRI and several labs are drawn, I’m told I’m depressed and given a diagnosis of “Conversion Disorder.”  That’s where, when faced with devastating stress, my body responds with physical symptoms to whatever stressed me out.  (Yea, right!)

After two and a half years, and a growing list of symptoms, I’ve finally convinced my doctor into ordering more MRI’s, including my brain, C-spine, and lumbar. (Coming in the near future).

All symptoms are compared to various diseases, where each disease is ruled out in order to pinpoint what exactly is causing my problems.  My list of possible diseases have been narrowed down; leaving me with one probable disease; M.S.  If you’re an MS’er I’m sure you’ve heard stories, or possibly experienced it yourself, where it can take years for the correct diagnosis.

My motto is: “My Type ‘A’ personality has taken a beating but it hasn’t been knocked out!” In the mean time there’s money to be made.  Not being able to finish my degrees, or work in public doesn’t mean I’ve given up on helping my family out financially.  Though, before giving up on working in the public I tried simple jobs; jobs that quickly reminded me of my disabilities and sent me humbly back into the safe inner walls of my home.

After being told I have a knack for crocheting, I opened up an Etsy Shop, as well as having my own facebook page, to bring in requests for my product.  I crochet dolls that resemble people, such as wedding couples, etc.  However I’m looking into expanding my list of items in the near future due to the consumption of time it takes to complete any given item.  My Etsy Shop is listed as: BellesandLapels, whereas my facebook page is listed as: Belles & Lapels.  Your help in helping spread the word about my shop is greatly appreciated.

Goodness, it sure has been fun settling down to write again.  I must admit, it’s taken me several hours to complete this, yet the desire to write has been lit once again.

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Please, I need to know…

Several months ago one of my daughters 4th Grade friends obviously had “The Talk” with her mother, and since the little girl and my daughter are best friends, she decided to share her version of the conversation as she interpreted it. Since I hadn’t yet had “The Talk” with my daughter, I was infuriated, to say the least.

Okay, so what’s done is done. I couldn’t look back, I had to continue forward. Like so many other parents, I didn’t know where to start with the uncomfortable topic. So, what did I do? I went online and started looking for books to help me explain what everything was all about.

I don’t know about everyone else, but in order to grasp what each book might cover, I read the paragraph written by the author, as well as several comments left by parents. (Try doing this for practically every book pertaining to that subject. I almost backed out and never looked back!)

So I finally found the book I thought was appropriate to help introduce the whole concept to my daughter. I waited until she had a few days off from school so she and I could be alone without her dad being around. She and I sat down and started reading. Although the subject of sex was handled in a delicate manner, I still felt like crawling under the bed to deter her from asking questions, but I was a trooper. I stuck it out to the end.

Although I knew she needed to know everything, I still wasn’t prepared for her to know “exactly” how a woman conceives a child. And though the book delicately introduced the subject, it was still more than I wanted her to hear at that time. I wanted a book to “dance” around the topic, without telling all the details. Afterward, she couldn’t comprehend her dad and I doing anything such as that to conceive her. It was at that moment I was reminded how unhappy I was with the friend who had shared this information with her.

As it turns out, our “Little Talk” has brought us closer together as mother and child. I can tell she feels all the more comfortable telling me things that some children may have problems telling their parents. I’m glad she feels comfortable talking with me about anything that crosses her mind. However, at the same time, I can tell she’s been disturbed about “the facts of life.” Some of the questions she’s asked and the concerns she’s shared really bothers me. I have to reassure her about certain aspects that come to mind.

So here’s the deal. Since all the books on the market (at least when I read through them) tell EVERYTHING about the facts of life, I’ve decided to write a children’s book that explains, on a scientific level, how women conceive a child. I’m not including the actual act of sex, but I’m definitely letting children know they were conceived out of love. In doing so, children will have a good scientific knowledge of how women get pregnant, but they aren’t yet introduced to sex.

So, if you’re a parent who already had “The Talk,” or it’s just around the corner for other parents, would you feel better knowing there was a book on the market such as what I want to publish? Please help me out by leaving a comment.

Now, go get a cup of coffee and enjoy your day!



Impressive New Bloggers I Follow

Good Morning Everyone,

I’ve really enjoyed reading blogs from some wonderful people I’ve recently started following. As a matter of fact, they’ve been on my mind a lot lately.

When things people say or share it touches your heart or “hits home” because those topics are familiar to you. You’ve either experienced it ourselves, or it’s something you feel extremely passionate about. But isn’t that what blogging is all about? Meeting people, liking what they have to say, sharing your thoughts, ultimately contributing to one another’s conversation and getting to know those people you’ve never met before. That’s the main focus for my blog. To bring people together, but little did I know how much these people’s thoughts and opinions would touch my life on a humbling level. Allow me to share a little about two of them.

First there’s Meredith. I’m assuming after my first post was tagged with Down syndrome it linked us together. I’d mentioned the doctors saying my daughter had a “high” chance of having Down syndrome, but she didn’t. As I’m reading Meredith’s blog, she has a daughter affected by this 21st chromosome. My heart sank as I read her blog. Not from pity for her or her daughter, but because this beautiful woman, (mother), allows those who follow her the opportunity to enter her life, to read her thoughts, to know her daughter’s daily struggles.

Next there’s Cristian, who’s a writer as well. Cristian’s post yesterday has helped me with one of the biggest struggles I’ve battled with for a long time… worrying about writing something that’s already been written. Basically Cristian points out that everyone perceives things differently, therefore how you tell a story is different from how someone else has told the same story. The last sentence in his post yesterday has played over and over in my mind, “So, yeah, if you want to say something… do it like only you can.” What a powerful sentence!

I can’t thank Meredith, Cristian, and my other new blogging friends enough for taking the time to read my first blog, “liking” it, and following me each day as I share my mornings with them. For now, there’s one phrase that stands out in my mind that reflects my feelings wonderfully…

… “Life is good!”



Happy Tuesday

Good Morning,

I hope everyone had a great night last night. After finishing my post yesterday, I was quite busy with my freelancing job. But it’s fun being able to write, as I enjoy writing with all my soul.

Speaking of writing, I’m waiting to hear from another freelancing job about writing short stories that will end up in a book. However, the job is a “Paid for Hire” job; therefore I relinquish all rights to my stories, my name won’t appear anywhere and I get no “author credit” for writing it. Since I’ve never completed the book I’m writing, and have never published one, the fact of just knowing I’ve written something that’s publishable is a real confidence booster.

I’ve also had one of my dad’s friends to contact me about writing a book for him. He knows the concept and the content for the book, but he’s not a writer, therefore coming up with the plot, characters, etc. will be up to me to put together. It’ll take a lot of research, therefore getting it put together, editing, and hopefully published will take a long time. I can tell you that it has to do with the bible… that’s all I can say.

So what do y’all think? I want to know which book I should consider writing first, mine, the “paid for hire,” or the one about the bible. Let me know using the poll I’ve included at the bottom, but I’d also like to hear your comments.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday,