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Homicide with the intent of Suicide

 It seems a rash of mass shootings have plagued our country, starting with the Columbine High School massacre on April 20, 1999 to the more recent deaths on May 25, 2014 in Southern California.  Was it the media filled “glory” of these killers actions injecting the same thoughts into the minds of future suicidal citizens? Or is it the “high” these monsters get from taking another person’s life? Whatever the reason, taking other people’s lives seems to be the “in” thing to do if you’re suicidal or just plain pissed at someone (or a group of people), in any given situation. The question is “Why?” Why take the lives of innocent people if you’re the one who’s having issues with what’s going on around you?

I haven’t heard anyone speak out on the topic, or question, that has troubled me for quite some time; “If you’re pissed about something and considering suicide, for Heaven’s sake, DON’T END THE LIVES OF OTHERS during your plan of action!  It’s not only STUPID, but it’s a cop-out, a means of crushing family members, and a one way ticket to Hell! (For those of us who are religious)

I ask you, “you” being anyone contemplating taking the lives of others, “Why not get psychological help?” Instead of killing innocent people for ANY reason, STOP and take a breath; reach out for help. Think of the aftermath of your consequences. If you kill ONE person, including yourself, you’ll spend eternity in Hell. If YOU survive this rampage, you’ll spend the rest of your life in prison. Is this what you want??? Is this the life, or “after life” you’ve dreamed of? Don’t be a fool! Consider the before and after picture before you throw your life, and the lives of others, away.

Remember this…

You may look tough during your escapade, but it’ll be TOUGH on you afterward!  


Let’s get this conversation going. I want to know what my readers’ thoughts are on the subject.

If you’re reaching out for help, I’m here for you.  I may sound harsh but I have a heart of gold and am genuinely concerned for all.

Don’t beat yourself up, reach out for help.   


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I’m Proud to be an American!!!

As I sit watching report after report of yesterday’s Boston Marathon catastrophe, I literally choke back tears over the lives lost, as well as those who were injured. Anger and outrage are my prominent feelings, but then compassion quickly takes over; compassion not only for those directly affected, but for everyone indirectly affected as well. It’s difficult to not focus on the person/people responsible for this and other tragedies, but we must!

Time after time spectators and first responders have proven how kindhearted humans can be in a time of need! For every “bad person” who chooses to harm innocent victims, there are a thousand magnificent people to overshadow them. The mere act of helping a stranger proves the warmhearted compassion of mankind. Even more so, it proves the values of one’s own upbringing. Without a doubt, this speaks VOLUMES about how people are raised. At the core of a person’s benevolent foundation are the family values instilled in them throughout life. This, my friends, is what I love about our country!

Those of us who were born in America are fortunate to be among the free and the brave. Alternatively, those who have migrated here obviously did so for the same reasons. We’re free to love, to worship, and to prosper as we wish. We’re brave in the face of tragedy. We may get knocked down, but only for a minute because those who surround us are there to lift us up.

So, as you watch the news in the days to come, focus on the good that comes from it, not the bad. Unfortunately, the Boston disaster won’t be the last heartbreaking report of violence in America. But no matter what horrible acts of hostility we may face, know that we’re in it together. Know that those around you are the ones who’ll pick you up when and if you need it.

WE ARE AMERICANS! Compassionate at heart, forthcoming in tragedy.

And this, my friends, is why I’m proud to be an AMERICAN!!!

God Bless!