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As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I’m reminded of a mother who has more than her precious child on her mind, more than a wonderfully handcrafted card she’ll get as a keepsake. No, this mother has a murder charge hanging over her head that technically, she’s not guilty of. If you’re thinking about the Arias case, she’s not the one, as a matter of fact; I don’t think she’s a mother.

I’m talking about a young girl in N.C. who was in her kitchen preparing dinner one day when she heard someone calling her name from outside. Her three year old girl was busy helping her mom fix dinner for the family of three as well. To find out who and why her name was being called, she went out her back door to see who it was. When she looked across the way, she saw a rival of hers that appeared as if she wanted to fight for reasons unknown.

Walking out into the street, the mom was surrounded by her rival and two others, all with the intensions of ganging up on the young mother. After a swing of her fist, the rival made contact with the mother’s face. Acting on reflex, the mother swung her arm around toward her rival. Unbeknownst to her, the knife she held in her hand made contact with the rivals throat… slashing her juggler vein. Hearing the young rival scream out, “You cut me,” the young mother runs. Where? No one knew. Within two minutes the 19 y.o. rival was dead.

In a split second the young mother and her rival’s life had changed forever. As it turns out the two girls were set up. A third person, a 40 y.o. woman, had gotten in an argument with the young mother earlier that day. In turn she beckoned the 19 y.o. over to do her fighting for her. After it was all said and done, friends and family members of the two girls put two and two together and knew who should shelter the blame.

Unfortunately, the local deputy’s didn’t see it that way. No, they got their girl… the one who swung the knife. Once the police found her, she got her one way ride to the county jail. While in route, I’m sure she thought of her little girl’s future. She thought of her daughter while the 19 y.o.’s body lay on the lawn getting colder by the minute.

So… what happened to the 40 y.o. woman?

Well, while the news cameras were in her face she tried her best to conjure up tears over her “best friend;” referring to the young girl who by now, was in the morgue. Later, as the detectives interviewed everyone in the vicinity, they were quickly pointed in the 40 y.o.’s direction, but to no avail. No matter what was said or who said what, the very person who should have gotten charges filed against her walks free to this day.

It’s been two years since Kadi lost her life, and Dakota has found herself in a nightmare that has yet to end. Weeks after the incident, the judge set Dakota’s bail at the lowest the law would allow because he himself said, “It’s obvious there’s more to this case than what’s presented before us.” With any luck, and hopefully a lot of acknowledgement from those who are willing to back the truth, Dakota’s case will be thrown out of court.

To date, the 40 y.o.’s guilt shines through when she comes face to face with those of us who know her. She cowers away in hopes of not being held accountable for the actions she set into play.

With the help of a dear friend of mine, Annmarie Lockhart, a poem was co-created titled, “Accountability.” It tells of the lack of accountability from a supposedly adult woman guilty of this entire crime and loss of life.

Published by: Vox Poetica