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Redirecting Our Focus

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Over the past couple of days a lot of focus has been placed on the bombers of the Boston Marathon, yet little focus on the victims themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about going after anyone who causes harm to others, but here again the media has gone to the extreme.

Hang with me for a minute…

I recently watched a show where this guy, according to a psychiatrist, was born lacking feelings of empathy toward others. Even during the prison interview he showed no remorse and a total lack of sympathy, period! He had gone on a killing spree after stabbing his step-father to death in front of his mother. He knew he’d be imprisoned, but before being caught he wanted to retaliate against everyone who had done him wrong. He caused havoc in his city, much like the Marathon bombers.

According to the guy’s account of the people he’d killed, “They deserved it!” He told his story to the reporter matter-of-factly. In his mind, his actions were rationalized to the fullest. No remorse, no sympathy, no compassion whatsoever.

Back to my point…

When a mentally unstable person watches coverage of the Marathon bombers and the Newtown murders, for example, they see how much attention the killer(s) get. While watching everything unfold in front of the media, they’ve probably rationalized what the killers have done, and in turn, think they’re in the right. Therefore, when/if their mental rationalization is severely compromised, they probably think their actions are rational as well.

Instead of glamorizing the killers, why not focus on the victims and their families? No wonder people are desensitized to violently cruel acts of others. It’s because of events such as this having non-stop coverage. If, instead, we heard non-stop stories from victims and their family, maybe people would have more compassion toward others. Instead of focusing on the killer(s), focus on the pain brought on by these senseless acts.

In doing so, maybe…just maybe, more shame will be put on the killers instead of glamorization!


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