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Good Friday…

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So, what does Good Friday mean to you? Is it just another day, or does it have a much deeper meaning? How will you be spending your Good Friday?
As a Christian, Good Friday is spent remembering the day Jesus died on the cross. He did so to save everyone from their sins, so that if they willingly accepted Christ as their savior, they could have everlasting life in Heaven.
Christians spend Good Friday in mourning over Jesus’ death. Churches display crosses draped with a black or purple cloth in remembrance of the day he was crucified on the cross. Three days after Jesus’ crucifixion, the day of his resurrection, he arose from his grave and ascended to Heaven to be with his father. This day, known by Christians all over the world, is Easter.
While Christians typically spend Good Friday in mourning over Jesus’ death, at the same time, I feel his death should be celebrated. After all, Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. That was undoubtedly the most unselfish act the son of God could do for us. At the same time, God himself gave his only son to save us of our sins. This act of love for all of mankind was the purest act of love anyone has ever shown.
So, as you go about your usual Friday routine, set aside a few minutes of your time to reflect on what this day means to you. If you’re a Christian, reach deep into your soul, put yourself in Jesus’ and God’s place and contemplate the suffering and heartache felt as Jesus was nailed on the cross so that you could have everlasting life. If you’re not a Christian, I pray my post has planted the seed needed for Jesus to enter into your heart, so God’s love will nurture your soul, so you too can have everlasting life.
God Bless


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