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My Little Secret

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Happy Thursday Everyone…

After holding in a secret that’s almost ten years old, I’ve decided to go public. It’s lighthearted, fun, and I’ve seen where it’s shaping my daughter’s personality. There’s only been a couple times recently where I’ve actually allowed my husband to witness my mystery, but have sworn him and my daughter to secrecy… but now everyone will know.

You see, it started while my daughter was a baby, very soon after she was born actually. It was during those first moments I’d begun smiling, cooing, and, well, acting like a nut to get her to laugh at me is when my secret began. Through the warmth of her smile, the joy in her laughter, and the sparkle in her eyes my purpose in life had launched its beginning. I’d secretly, around no one else, behind my husband’s back, begin acting like a total nut just to hear my baby’s laugh.

Yes, I admit it, for the past decade I’ve been acting like an idiot just to get my daughter to fill our home with laughter. However, there’s one thing I didn’t know I’d been doing all along. I’ve been shaping her personality. I’m not saying she doesn’t have her moments when she’s upset, and she’s definitely not a morning person! Still yet, she often initiates silly play to make ME laugh, just because. She dances around the house like a monkey, forcing me to laugh, just because. She jokes and picks with me, just because. She’s become a lively, fun little girl who cares about making her mom and others laugh.

Not only is she entertaining, but she has a warm, soft side as well. Since I’d had her later in life, there’s been some down sides to her having older parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. One of her uncles, my brother, never had the chance to meet my baby girl because he’d passed two years before she was born. She’s seen me cry many times as I’ve grieved over his death. She’s seen her grandmother win her battle with cancer, just as she’s currently watching a grandfather and aunt battling cancer themselves. She’s also seen her own mother experiencing various health problems, all the while catering to my every need. But her warmth doesn’t end there. As I watch her play with smaller children, she exhumes patience, care, and nurturing characteristics.

Needless to say, I’m proud of my baby girl. Not only is she my miracle baby, but she’s also the reason my heart sings, my days are filled with laughter, why my world is complete!

God Bless!

Star all dressed up Halloween 2011
Halloween 2011


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