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Impressive New Bloggers I Follow


Good Morning Everyone,

I’ve really enjoyed reading blogs from some wonderful people I’ve recently started following. As a matter of fact, they’ve been on my mind a lot lately.

When things people say or share it touches your heart or “hits home” because those topics are familiar to you. You’ve either experienced it ourselves, or it’s something you feel extremely passionate about. But isn’t that what blogging is all about? Meeting people, liking what they have to say, sharing your thoughts, ultimately contributing to one another’s conversation and getting to know those people you’ve never met before. That’s the main focus for my blog. To bring people together, but little did I know how much these people’s thoughts and opinions would touch my life on a humbling level. Allow me to share a little about two of them.

First there’s Meredith. I’m assuming after my first post was tagged with Down syndrome it linked us together. I’d mentioned the doctors saying my daughter had a “high” chance of having Down syndrome, but she didn’t. As I’m reading Meredith’s blog, she has a daughter affected by this 21st chromosome. My heart sank as I read her blog. Not from pity for her or her daughter, but because this beautiful woman, (mother), allows those who follow her the opportunity to enter her life, to read her thoughts, to know her daughter’s daily struggles.

Next there’s Cristian, who’s a writer as well. Cristian’s post yesterday has helped me with one of the biggest struggles I’ve battled with for a long time… worrying about writing something that’s already been written. Basically Cristian points out that everyone perceives things differently, therefore how you tell a story is different from how someone else has told the same story. The last sentence in his post yesterday has played over and over in my mind, “So, yeah, if you want to say something… do it like only you can.” What a powerful sentence!

I can’t thank Meredith, Cristian, and my other new blogging friends enough for taking the time to read my first blog, “liking” it, and following me each day as I share my mornings with them. For now, there’s one phrase that stands out in my mind that reflects my feelings wonderfully…

… “Life is good!”



2 thoughts on “Impressive New Bloggers I Follow

  1. Thank you, Kathie! I’d love to read Cristian’s blog if you can pont me in the right direction.

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