Got Your Morning Coffee?

…so you can pull a seat up and sit a spell.

Happy Tuesday


Good Morning,

I hope everyone had a great night last night. After finishing my post yesterday, I was quite busy with my freelancing job. But it’s fun being able to write, as I enjoy writing with all my soul.

Speaking of writing, I’m waiting to hear from another freelancing job about writing short stories that will end up in a book. However, the job is a “Paid for Hire” job; therefore I relinquish all rights to my stories, my name won’t appear anywhere and I get no “author credit” for writing it. Since I’ve never completed the book I’m writing, and have never published one, the fact of just knowing I’ve written something that’s publishable is a real confidence booster.

I’ve also had one of my dad’s friends to contact me about writing a book for him. He knows the concept and the content for the book, but he’s not a writer, therefore coming up with the plot, characters, etc. will be up to me to put together. It’ll take a lot of research, therefore getting it put together, editing, and hopefully published will take a long time. I can tell you that it has to do with the bible… that’s all I can say.

So what do y’all think? I want to know which book I should consider writing first, mine, the “paid for hire,” or the one about the bible. Let me know using the poll I’ve included at the bottom, but I’d also like to hear your comments.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday,


7 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

  1. I have just discovered a love of writing and have absolutely no experience or understanding of how writing professionally works. That being said, I would write my own book first. It will help define you as a writer to yourself and others. I find that every time I write something, I learn more about myself. The book about the bible could provide the same sort of insight, but you wouldn’t have as much freedom because you are restricted by someone else’s ideas. The book for hire – well, I would only do that if I needed the money. It would bother me to allow someone else to take credit for my work – especially something I am passionate about – like writing.

  2. Meredith, I turned down writing the book that I wouldn’t get credit for. My time and talent is too valuable to just give it away. So, I’m happy with that decision. 🙂

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