Got Your Morning Coffee?

…so you can pull a seat up and sit a spell.

Good Morning & Welcome to My New Blog

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As a coffeeholic, I always start my mornings off with several cups to get me going, thus the name of my blog, “Got Your Morning Coffee?” Actually, I rarely drink anything other than coffee throughout the day, so I guess that totally qualifies me as a coffeeholic.

The purpose/theme behind my blog is for people to gather for a friendly conversation, to start their mornings off on a positive note, or simply to meet people and unite with others around the world. We’ll discuss what’s on our minds, the news headlines, or any topic that’s burning to get out. Overall, I want to bring people together in one place as acquaintances and hopefully become friends.

Just so you can get to know the person behind the blog, I’m a happy mother of an almost ten year old girl, whom I had when I was thirty-nine years old. If you’re calculating, I’m forty-nine years old. After years of being told I couldn’t have children, God blessed me with my little miracle. During my pregnancy I was told my baby had a high chance of having Downs syndrome so the doctors tried to get me to abort my pregnancy in lieu of her potential diagnosis. However, I felt that if that’s what God was entrusting me to have, then that’s what I was going to have. I’m married to the most wonderful man a woman could ever ask for. Through him, I have four wonderful step-daughters (but I don’t like the word “step” so I consider them my daughters). While attending college for one degree I got sidetracked where I grew profoundly fond of writing. I’ve just launched a freelancing career which is my dream come true.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I look forward to meeting all my visitors and hopefully seeing you back day after day.

With a bit of luck I’ll see you again so we can chat a bit. But don’t forget your morning coffee.


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